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1st of all… Namaste, Namaskar, Nomoshkar, Namaskara, Namaskaram, Vanakkam, Prannam, Khammaghani, Sat sriakal, Assalam walaykum & Hellooo… to all my lovely viewers.

Today I want to share, LIFE’s most prominentideology which is called ‘ATTITUDE’, because“ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING”.

Friends, I believe that whenever we are planning to begin with any initiative, it should always be with a good spirit and proper thought process behind it, which could lead us to our desired goal. I mean to say,“SOMETHING WHICH IS THE KEY TO EVERY SUCCESS.” i.e. “POSITIVE ATTITUDE.”

In 2010 that time I was 25 years old, my friend Makarand Upadhye suggested me to read “You Can Win” (Jeet Aaapki) which is written by famous Indian author Mr. Shiv Khera. The way Makarand is telling the specialty of the book, I was very impressed.I took the book from Makrand and started reading. I am really thankful to Makarand, because after reading the book, I came to know, the importance of ‘ATTITUDE’ in our life, every time and everywhere attitude matters. From that day onwards one thing is embed in my mind, "Your ATTITUDE towards your LIFE evolves your SUCCESSFUL or UNSUCCESSFUL STORIES."

Professionally I am Corporate Law Lecturer and love to teach Language subject too. Whenever I start my first academic lecture, mostly I start with a story which speaks about ATTITUDE (chapter 01 – Importance of Attitude, “You Can Win”).

In my life, I have struggled, faced challenges (still counting on..) but never stopped and that is because of POSITIVE ATTITUDE towards LIFE & applying 05 MANTRAS (FOCUS | INTEREST | HOPE | PATIENCE | POTENTIAL) in life.

It was my Dream, apart from teaching in institutes, to start my own Online Law Coaching Classes for Company Secretary Students. Every time the same thing came to my mind, would it be right to open your own class? And believe me, all the time, the only story which speaks about ‘Attitude’ revolves in my mind. I am very happy to say this, finally I have started my own Online Law Coaching Classes for Company Secretary Students and this is because of only “POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE.”

So,here is the small but highly recommended story for everyone,which will take you through the easy ways to achieve LOVE, HAPPINESS and SUCCESSin life. Believe me this story will not only inspire you but also be very helpful to be in sync with all other works.

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(Note: This story is already published on “You can Win”. Here I have made some modifications as per my requirement like some characters& their name have been added, little story extended, thoughts etc.)

There was one poor family living down the city, the lady called Rosie aunty and her 2 small infant babies.

Rosie's husband David has died due to his habit of alcohol drinking. He was the sole breadwinner in his house, so now how they will survive and what about the children’s future, were the big concerns?

Dear friends, although Rosie aunty was uneducated, but she had the never give up attitude. She didn’t put everything on her faith; instead, she has started doing hard work.

Rosie aunty decided to sell BALLOONS, she used to go from one park to another, at the same time she also has taken care of her 2 little children.

She had very beautiful colour balloons which used to make these small kids happy and forced to get one for them self. I think I don’t have to express how these small kids do when they want something, they will do every possibility until they get that thing. Then what? Their poor parents had to buy one for their kids. This way Rosie has started earning some money for the survival.

As all fingers in our hand are not of equal size, likewise our days are not uniform. Her income used to fluctuate, someday she manages to sell all her balloons and someday not even a single balloon. How did the house expenses will manage?

One day Rosie aunty came up with a BRILLIANT IDEA, why not I keep helium gas cylinder with me, and whenever her balloons are not being sold, she used to do a trick by filling a balloon with helium gas and release it in the air to attract kids in the park, watching the balloon in the air makes these small kids filled with joy and excitement, and ultimately, they used to force their parents to buy this balloon for them. This new idea worked very well to sell all her balloons and her life has again back on track.

There was one cute girl named Tina who used to observe Rosie aunty every day in the park and it seems that she wanted to ask something to Rosie aunty.

Eventually, Tina reaches out to Rosie aunty. Aunty asked Tina, which balloon would you prefer? Instead of asking for balloon, Tina asked one question to aunty, that "if you release this black colour balloon in air, then will it go higher like all other balloons?"

Rosie aunty remained silent for a while and then SMILED to Tina and replied, that "All these balloons go up, with the help of what is filled INSIDE not because of the COLOR."

This way the question which kept bothering Tina from a long time was answered by Rosie aunty in a very CONVINCING WAY. Tina bought that BLACK balloon and went away. Rosie aunty watched Tina who was on the other end releasing her black balloon in the air, remembering her question and she smiled and again got back to her work.


(Note: Here is my own way, trying to express what did I feel after reading this story.)

My dear friend what I have learnt from this beautiful story of Rosie aunty and Tina??... "What matters we are from the inside and not how presentable or good looking from outside. The most valuable thing which every person should be having is CORRECT PERSPECTIVE towards LIFE/ RIGHT THINKING/ or say RIGHT ATTITUDE."


(Note: Here is my own way, trying to express what did I feel after reading this story.)

We should never forget 2 things in our life.

1. The SUCCESS and FAILURE depends upon how we THINK. Means, Negative thinking or approach will always lead you to FAILURE. And if we always be with a Positive attitude then will certainly be SUCCESSFUL one day. (As in the story Rosie aunty didn't give up and fought back for the survival of her family.On the other hand, we learnt that COLOUR doesn’t matter but the helium gas in the balloon, and then every kind of balloon will go up.)

2. POSITIVE THINKING (POSITIVE ATTITUDE) is the best way to bring LOVE, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in our LIFE, because these are all the INGREDIENTS to make the LIFE TASTEFUL.

Dear Friends, finally I have done my part by showing you the PATH. Now you will have to move forward on this path to achieve your GOALS but with POSITIVE ATTITUDE. And really thank you Shiv Khera sir for making such exceptional book.

Always keep one most prominent thing in mind;

"Your ATTITUDE towards your LIFE evolves your SUCCESSFUL / UNSUCCESSFUL STORIES." - By Govind Belal.

Just “GRAB it & BLAZE it.”

Friends, it’s time to sign off now but will be back again soon with some interesting topic.
Till then,

“DIL se MEHNAT karo,
NA kabhi BURA KARO aur


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