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A. All about CS course for CS Aspirants


Those who are planning to pursue their career as COMPANY SECRETARY, for them ‘GB CS info TIME’ playlist & those who are CSEET Aspirants, for them ‘GB CSEET info TIME’ playlist is available to make you update the minute things in a proper way and this will definitely boost you for preparation of exams, your confidence, knowledge & career too.

A ‘COMPANY SECRETARY’ is a senior position in a Private Sector Company or Public Sector Organization.

The Company Secretary is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard

  • to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and
  • for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented.

Despite the name, the role is not clerical or secretarial.

Company Secretaries are the primary source of advice on the conduct of business and this can span everything from legal advice on conflicts of interest, through accounting advice on financial reports, to the development of strategy and corporate planning.

Company Secretaries are the company’s named representative on legal documents, and it is their responsibility to ensure that the company and its directors operate within the law.

In India,

  • The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) regulates the profession of company secretaries. ICSI is a statutory professional body which has more than 50,000 associate members. ICSI is the sole body in India, which provides ‘Company Secretaryship Course’.
  • Every listed company or Every public company(i.e. non-listed public companies)having share capital of 10 Crore is required to have a Qualified Company Secretary be appointed as Whole-time Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) to perform the Functions of Company Secretary under section 203 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 8 of Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Key Managerial Personnel) Rules, 2014.
  • Every private company having share capital of 10 Crore is required to have a Qualified Company Secretary be appointed as Whole-time Company Secretary (CS) to perform the Functions of Company Secretary under section 203 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 8A of Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Key Managerial Personnel) Rules, 2014.

B. All about Indian Law & Other Important Terms

GB Corporate Law TIME
GB BEL Lectures TIME

Those who are pursuing their career in COMMERCE or already have accomplished specially CA, CS, CMA, MBA, LLB etc & wants to achieve certain milestone, for them ‘GB Corporate Law TIME’ playlist is available to make you understand the minute things in a conceptual way and this will definitely boost your knowledge, confidence & career too.

Even those who are not related or don’t know anything about this field can go through it and take the advantage of this playlist because I believe everyone should have an idea about these concepts. And trust me dear, this will certainly assist you at some point.

‘LAW’ is a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behaviour.

Law is a binding custom or practice of a community; a rule or mode of conduct or action that is prescribed or formally recognized as binding by a supreme controlling authority or is made obligatory by a sanction (as an edict, decree, rescript, order, ordinance, statute, resolution, rule, judicial decision, or usage) made, recognized, or enforced by the controlling authority.

‘CORPORATE LAW’ (also known as Business Law or Commercial Law or Mercantile Law or Enterprise Law or Company Law) is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations and businesses.

It regulates how corporations, investors, shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders such as consumers, the community, and the environment interact with one another.

Corporate Law is a part of a broader Companies Law (or Law of Business Associations). It is often considered to be a branch of Civil Law and deals with issues of both Private Law and Public Law (In general terms, Private Law involves interactions between private citizens, whereas Public Law involves interrelations between the state and the general population).


A. Dynamic Career Building Thoughts


The question about his or her career is the question, for them ‘GB CAREER info TIME’ playlist is available so that he or she can choose the RIGHT CAREER with RIGHT DECISION.

Career development or career counselling is a lifelong process that, whether you know it or not, actually started when you were born! There are a number of factors that includes your career development abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances.

In recent years, various forms of career guidance and career counselling have become more prominent and better serviced in most universities throughout the world such services are obviously to the benefit of the students themselves and for society.

Career counselling or career guidance includes a wide variety of professional activities which help people deal with career-related challenges. Several approaches have been undertaken to systemize the variety of professional activities related to career guidance and counselling.

Each of these five roles is seen as an important facet of the career guidance and counselling profession:

  • Supports people in developing their own career management competences
  • Supports people in assessing their personal characteristics and needs, then connecting them with the labour market and education systems
  • Supports individuals in understanding their situations, so as to work through issues towards solutions
  • Ensures the quality and delivery of career guidance and counselling services
  • Supports people (even) in crisis and works to change systems for the better.

Finally, through counselling and teaching abilities, career counsellor can additionally support people in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for them personally, how they can plan their careers autonomously, or help them in making tough decisions and getting through times of crisis.

B. Dynamic Life Building Thoughts

GB Enlightenment TIME

“Jisseapni LIFE JINDADILI SE JEENI HAI, Duniya ki parwah na karte huye apni life apne tarike se, acche se aur sahi se jeenihai in simple words..

Uske liye ‘GB Enlightenment TIME’ playlist haazir hai, jo aapko sirf jeena hi nahi, balki duniya ki khoobsurati aur aapke andar ki khoobsurat duniya dono se roobaroo karayegi.

‘MOTIVATION’ as a desire to perform an action towards a positive stimulus or away from a negative one.

Motivation can be conceived of as a cycle in which thoughts influence behaviors, behaviors drive performance, performance affects thoughts, and the cycle begins again. Each stage of the cycle is composed of many dimensions including attitudes, beliefs, intentions, effort, and withdrawal which can all affect the motivation that an individual experiences. Motivation exists purely within the individual.

‘Human Behaviour’ is based on satisfying a hierarchy of needs:

‘SOCIAL MOTIVATION’ emphasizes impact of activity and actions mediated through social interaction, and within social contexts.

Social Motivation predicts that motivation has an external locus of causality, and is socially distributed among the social group. An example of Social Motivation would be social settings where people work together to solve collective problems, such as athletic teams, study groups, work groups, and civic organization. Although individuals will have internalized goals, they will also develop internalized goals of others, as well as new interests and goals collectively with those that they feel socially connected to.

C. Dynamic Social Life Building Thoughts

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GB Ki Vaani TIME


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SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS is consciousness shared by individuals within a society.

“In the social production of their life, men enter into definite relations that are indispensable and independent of their will; these relations of production correspond to a definite stage of development of their material forces of production. The sum total of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society — the real foundation, on which rises a legal and political superstructure and to which correspond definite forms of social consciousness. The mode of production of material life determines the social, political and intellectual life process in general. It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.”

More recently, social consciousness is linked to the collective self-awareness and experience of collectively shared social identity. From this viewpoint, social consciousness denotes conscious awareness of being part of an interrelated community of others. The “we feeling” or the “sense of us” may be experienced in members of various cultures and social groups. By the experience of collectively shared social identity, individuals may experience social unity. Social consciousness may also stimulate working towards a common goal.

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