Legal Terminology & Maxims

  • Legal means Connected with Law
  • Terminology means Special Language
  • Maxims means Rule / Principle / Phrase

So, Legal Terminology & Maxims means some special language/s & rule/s (principle or phrase) which are connected with law.

    These are:
  • Mostly Latin Words
  • Universally Admitted
  • Just like in GEOMETRY: we have Axioms . In LAW: we have Legal Terminology & Maxims
  • Eg. : Prime facie: At First Sight

    Further regarding Legal Terminology & Maxims:
  • People in the Legal Fields are very well Aware &
  • Used in Legal Paper work

Hence, here we will try to know & understandthe top most important Legal Terminology & Maxims in alphabetical order in a simplest way by giving simple meaning, example/s &/or explanation, if any.

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  • Examples &/or Explanation
  • Videos
  • Notes

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